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The Legend EA – Analytics & Forecasts – 1 October 2023

The Legend EA

The Legend EA MT5

The Leend EA MT4

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Greetings, merchants. My relentless quest for revolutionary options led me to a scientific article discussing a groundbreaking know-how – the combination of Quantum Machine Studying (QML) and the Nuclear Norm Maximization Technique (NNM) in buying and selling.Impressed by the potential of this innovation, I launched into in depth analysis and carried out quite a few experiments. In the end, I developed a singular technique that harnesses some great benefits of QML and NNM for analyzing inventory market charts and making trades primarily based on extra intricate and exact fashions than what a human analyst may obtain.With the assistance of machine studying algorithms, I educated the system to uncover hidden patterns and low-rank constructions in monetary information utilizing QML. This enabled us to make extra correct forecasts and considerably boosted confidence on this technique.Nonetheless, my revolutionary strategy does not solely depend on QML. The NNM technique performs a pivotal position in processing monetary information. It aids in detecting and filling lacking values whereas effectively filtering out noise and mitigating the influence of anomalies on the unique information.This led me to create The Legend EA advisor, a robust device that applies QML and NNM to make choices in Forex. Thanks to those cutting-edge applied sciences, it has turn into a major participant in monetary markets, offering real-time visualization of research immediately on buying and selling charts.My buying and selling technique is constructed on complicated laptop evaluation that goes past the capabilities of human evaluation. In the present day, The Legend EA is well known as some of the profitable advisors in Forex.My unwavering willpower and investigative strategy have led to the event of a revolutionary technique that has remodeled the buying and selling panorama. I hope that The Legend EA will function a supply of inspiration for these going through challenges in buying and selling, as there are at all times new alternatives to discover via innovation and persistence.

The Legend EA

Visualisation of the Nuclear Norm Maximization technique.

Visualisation of the Nuclear Norm Maximization method.

On this mission, we’re launched to a novel strategy to stimulating exploration in reinforcement studying primarily based on maximising the nuclear norm. This technique can effectively estimate the novelty of a commerce course of research by contemplating historic info and offering excessive robustness to noise and outliers.Within the sensible a part of the paper, I built-in the Nuclear Norm Maximisation technique into the RE3 algorithm. I educated the mannequin and examined it in MetaTrader 5 technique tester. In keeping with the take a look at outcomes, we are able to say that the proposed technique has considerably diversified the Actor’s behaviour, in comparison with the outcomes of coaching the mannequin utilizing the pure RE3 technique. 

Test The Legend EA

 Quantum machine learning

QML Framework

The essential “constructing block” in QML is the Variational Quantum Circuit. Mainly QML is constructed utilizing a “hybrid” scheme, the place now we have parameterised quantum circuits resembling VQCs and so they represent the “quantum” half. “Classical” half is often liable for optimising the parameters of the quantum circuits, e.g. by gradient strategies, in order that the VQCs, like layers of neural networks, “study” the enter information transformations we’d like. That is how the Tensorflow Quantum library is constructed, the place quantum “layers” are mixed with classical ones, and studying takes place as in typical neural networks.


Variational Quantum Circuit

VQC is the best ingredient of quantum-classical studying methods. Within the minimal variant it represents a quantum circuit which encodes by enter information vector $vec{X}$ a quantum state $left | {Psi} {proper >$ after which applies to this state the operators parameterised by the parameters $theta$. If we draw an analogy with typical neural networks, we are able to consider VQC as a form of “black field” or “layer” that performs the transformation of enter information $vec{X}$ relying on the parameters $theta$. After which, we are able to say that $theta$ is the analogue of “weights” in classical neural networks.That is how the best VQS seems to be like, the place the vector $vec{X}$ is encoded via the rotations of qubits across the axis $mathbf{X}$, and the parameters $theta$ encode the rotations across the axis $mathbf{Y}$.


This is what the simplest VQS looks like

Let’s take a look at this level in additional element. We wish to encode the enter information vector $vec{X}$ into the state $left | Psi proper >$, the truth is, to carry out the operation of translation of “classical” enter information into quantum information. To do that, we take $N$ qubits, every of which is initially within the $left | 0 proper >$ state. We are able to symbolize the state of every particular person qubit as some extent on the floor of the Bloch sphere.We are able to “rotate” the $left | Psi proper >$ state of our qubit by making use of particular one-qubit operations, so-called gates $Rx$, $Ry$, $Rz$, equivalent to rotations with respect to totally different axes of the Bloch sphere. We are going to rotate every qubit, for instance, alongside the $mathbf{X}$ axis by an angle decided by the corresponding part of the enter vector $vec{X}$. Having obtained the quantum enter vector, we now wish to apply a parameterised transformation to it. For this objective, we’ll “rotate” the corresponding qubits alongside one other axis, for instance, alongside $mathbf{Y}$ by angles decided by the parameters of the $theta$ circuit.

Within the library for quantum computing Cirq from Google, which we’ll actively use, this may be realised, for instance, as follows:

Cirq code for a simple VQC

Thus, we receive a quantum cell – circuit, which is parameterised by classical parameters and applies a metamorphosis to a classical enter vector. Quantum-classical studying algorithms are constructed on such “blocks”. We are going to apply transformations to classical information on a quantum laptop (or simulator), measure the output of our VQC and additional use classical gradient strategies to replace the VQC parameters.

Lastly and most apparently, the code to coach our VQC on Tensorflow Quantum.

The Legend EA

Training code

Test The Legend EA

lr here’s a parameter liable for the gradient descent charge and is a hyperparameter.That is the best commonplace studying loop in Tensorflow, and mannequin is an object of sophistication tf.keras.layers.Layer, for which we are able to apply all our ordinary optimisers, loggers and methods from “classical” deep studying. The VQC parameters are saved in a variable of kind tf.Variable and are up to date utilizing the easy rule $theta_{okay+1} = theta_k – gamma cdot g_k$, it is a minimal implementation of gradient descent at a charge of $gamma$. We use 5000 measurements every time to estimate as precisely as doable the anticipated worth of our operator $hat{mathbf{Op}}$ within the $left | Psi(theta_k) proper >$ state. All of this for 350 epochs. On my laptop computer for $N = 5$, $j = 1.0$ and $h = 0.5$, the method took about 40 seconds.

Let’s visualise the coaching graphs (scipy gave the precise answer $simeq -4.47$): tensoboard –logdir practice/

Visualise training schedules


Now very many non-public corporations resembling Google, IBM, Microsoft and others, in addition to governments and establishments are spending big assets on analysis on this route. Quantum computer systems are already out there at this time for testing in IBM and AWS cloud servers. Many scientists are expressing confidence within the imminent achievement of quantum superiority on sensible duties (let me remind you, superiority on a specifically chosen “handy” for quantum laptop process was achieved by Google final 12 months). All this, plus the thriller and fantastic thing about the quantum world, is what makes this discipline so enticing. I hope this text will aid you immerse your self within the marvellous quantum world too!

The Legend EA MT5

The Legend EA MT4

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